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The Guarani and Kaiowá Jam Session was a live improvised performance which took place at Adhana Festival 2021 in São Paulo, Brazil. The jam drew on the field recordings that were produced as part of the Guarani and Kaiowá Digital Archive, supported by the British Museum's EMKP, which were looped, layered and remixed live by an on-stage ensemble consisting of Guarani and Kaiowá filmmaker and music producer Scott Hill, Shamans Nhandesy Ivone and Nhandesy Neuza, anthropologist Raffaella Fryer-Moreira, Guarani and Kaiowá youth Jaja Gonçalvez, and Stage Director Fabi Fernandes.


Released January 10, 2023 

Live improvised composition of looped samples by Scott Hill and Raffaella Fryer-Moreira, accompanied by Guarani and Kaiowá Shamans Nhandesy Ivone and Nhandesy Neuza performing live sacred chants, with words and vocals from Jaja Gonçalvez. Samples recorded in Nhanderu Marangatu Indigenous Territory during the construction of an Oga Pysy led by Nhanderu Tadeu. Recordings were post-produced by Luca Lescano and Eugenia Zanarini from the UCL MAL Sound Lab, and edited by Bill Robin Fuller. Mastering by Gerhard Olivier. Stage direction by Fabi Fernandes.


Mba'ekuaa is the Guarani and Kaiowá word for technology, know-how, or knowledge. The primary and most powerful of all Mba'ekuaa is sound: the human voice and the sacred instruments are sound technologies for communication with the spirit world, and metaphysical action. Mba'ekuaa is a collaborative project composed of Guarani & Kaiowá Shamans & youth, musicians, artists & researchers at UCL MAL.

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