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Resources for helping victims of the conflict for those outside of Ukraine, via donations, or exploring ways to raise awareness of those affected by the conflict:





Information for those based in the neighbouring state of Romania, for ways in which they can volunteer to help those seeking refuge in the country, as well as resources for Ukranians that are travelling to Romania about shelter and aid available:


- United for Ukraine: Based on the large numbers of refugees, these groups need a lot of volunteers for logistical help in organising, collecting, storing aid, transporting local coordinators in the areas where refugees arrive, etc. The English language version of the form is available here:, and this is their Facebook page/group chat for more live info: 

- Asociatia Caradja Cantacuzino: They are accepting food, clothing, toiletries and other donations for refugee care packages.

- This article contains a list of other groups being coordinated in Romania, seeking to help refugees: 

- Additional resources including volunteering and help for children, refugee's animals/pets, free communication, transportation aid and housing/shelter: 

- Extra information for ways to help available at: Romanian National Council for Refugees: 

- Major hospitals in Romania, and all others near the borders with Ukraine are also accepting blood donations. 




- Free shelter available at a hotel in Suceava, Romania. They also welcome refugees with pets: Contact info: Manager Mr. Ștefan Mandachi: 0040746194201 

- Floraria Aly Roman, offering accommodation for several families in Roman, Neamț County, Romania: Contact info: email at or call 0770126 266

- Departamentul pentru Situaţii de Urgenţă (Department for Emergencies) - Refugee Camp and volunteering opportunity announcements:


- The Folly Restaurant, offering free meals for Ukranians families in the city of Galati, Romania. Contact info: 


Recently, the Russian government began its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. As an organisation that champions freedom from conflict, UCL MAL strongly condemns this aggression towards Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainians and all others affected by President Putin’s unnecessary and vicious militarism, which has caused thousands of Ukrainian deaths since 2014. 


To support the Ukrainian people and their right to safeguard their democratic society, our international team has compiled a list of resources for those that can offer help, through donations and ways of raising awareness of the victims of this needless conflict. 

#нівійнівукраїні🇺🇦 #нетвойне UA  #StopRussianAggression #StopWarInUkraine 

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