LOCATION:                Mozilla Hubs

DATE:                         12 Jan 2021 - 12 Jan 2022

MEDIUM:                     Virtual Reality, 360 Video, Ambisonic Sound,                                          Sound, Video, Photogrammetry,                                                                Photography.

This exhibition attends to the relationship between anthropological thought and computer intelligence. Algorithms and the anthropological mind both operate recursively, dismembering knowledge as we know it, re-calculating and birthing alternative manifestations of ethnographic data. Our exhibition seeks to probe and push this formal equivalence, exploring its limits and creating new ground for future multimedia encounters. It aims to dissect and examine our own systems of value, to re-think how knowledge is produced, and to create spaces for re-imagining what it means to be (more than) human in a 21st Century mediascape. 

LOCATION:                The Slade Research Centre

DATE:                         5 March 2020

MEDIUM:                     360 Video, Sound, VR, AR, Sculpture and                                                  Painting, live collaboration 


LOCATION:                Tate Modern, UK

DATE:                         24 Sept 2019

MEDIUM:                     Exhibition 360 Video, VR, AR, Sound 


This exhibition's ambition was to transform the Slade Research Centre into a portal for exchange between cultural, cosmological and disciplinary points of view. This took place through experimental workshops and presentations that focus on sound, VR, live collaboration and spaces of social intimacy. Additionally, The Portal Will Open hosted an open session of the reading group ‘Anthropocene Futures’, and a public event built on MAL’s successful series of seminars.

This exhibition examined technologies of capture and perspective exchange, exploring their role in both art and anthropology. Taking place in the context of Higher Resolution, as part of TATE Exchange, we led a workshop that explored how ways of seeing and believing encode themselves into technological objects.

LOCATION:                UCL Festival of Culture

DATE:                         7 June 2019

MEDIUM:                     VR, Immersive Spatial                                                                       Audio, Projection Mapping


LOCATION:                Online

DATE:                         22 Feb 2019 - now

MEDIUM:                     Film, sound, 360 video, projection                                                    mapping, drawing and graphic                                                        ethnography

This immersive exhibition presents contemporary research on ecological crisis and human futures. Over the course of the evening, immersive technologies, visual projections and textured soundscapes presented multiple narratives of the Anthropocene. We will consider the diverse relationships between humans and their environments, and the multiple ways these relationships are understood as they transform.

This exhibition creatively explores the role that non-textual methods—such as film, sound, 360 video, projection mapping, drawing and graphic ethnography—can play in contemporary academic practice.  Multimedia Anthropology Now tests the limits of everyday media by bringing together cross-disciplinary works that break down institutional elitism to present themselves to anyone, anywhere in the form of a publicly available webpage.

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