raffaella Fryer-MoreirA

fABIANA Assis Fernandes

Ogapsy: Techniques of Dialogue will document the material processes and technical knowledge through which Guarani Kaiowá ceremonial houses (Ogapysy) are constructed, the local cosmological frameworks that inform their architecture, and the ritual practices that these structures contain and enable. A broad range of digital media will be used in the process of documentation, including technologies of sensory immersion such as VR/360 video and ambisonic sound.

raffaella Fryer-MoreirA


From the Other's Point of View  presents an immersive and interactive 360 environment which permits the viewer to explore the different cultural and ecological landscapes of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. By using VR/360 video to create an immersive experience of alternative perspectives on human-environment relations, this interdisciplinary project aims to develop practical mechanisms for immersive technologies to change the ways human-environment relationships are perceived and understood.

Paula Turmina

Iria suarez

Plantaphilia is a collaborative project that consists of a series of analogue films exploring the life of plants through intuitive visual and sound. Encompassing the perspective of plant ontology, we allow the encounter with plants to be an embodiment of intuition to produce a free interpretation of the films.

Directed by Iria Suarez and Paula Turmina. Sound design by Stuart Fisher and Kevin Poulton.

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