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Affiliate and Production Team Member


Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and IBG, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and The Explorers Club, NYC

An archaeologist and ethnohistorian with experience of life in Brazil, the US, Canada and EU. My PhD (McGill) with Bruce Trigger built on my BA (Hons) in Archaeology at UCL with Warwick Bray, at Southampton (UK) with Wendy Hall and Paul Lewis. My fluency in French, Spanish, and Brazilian-informed extensive fieldwork in Canada, US, UK, Antigua. Lately Chief Scientist in British Exploring Society expeditions in Namibia, Iceland, on the SV Tenacious. Visiting Research Fellow in Goldsmiths, Wiley Digital Archive Research Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society. I co-founded, ‘Exploration Revealed’, a digital publication for the Scientific Exploration Society (UK).

TW: @colson_alicia

IG: @alicia_colson

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