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Escole de Musica Superior de Catalunya (UCL and MAL alum)

Sarah Ourahmane (born Oran. 1998) is a composer, musician, and anthropologist, focused on the intersection between anthropological research and electroacoustic composition. Ourahmane has produced commissioned conceptual radio shows (Operator Radio, Radio Alhara & Delfina Foundation), classical compositions and contemporary electronic music productions (e.g., ‘Swill’ with Molly Meet, released on label ‘3024 Compilation’ voted Top of 2021 by DJMag). Her latest projects include scoring artist Lydia Ourahmane’s film commissioned by Sculpture Centre, New York. In tandem, she is writing and recording with the Symphony Orchestra of Bratislava in June for her debut artistic project which embeds soundscape techniques and snippets of sonic ethnography into electroacoustic composition.

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