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Three-channel digital ethnographic documentary.

The Others is an experimental video documentary presented on three-channels that explores the underlying emotions of modern Polish identity politics, caught up in the polarised narratives of nationalism and religion.

For Multimedia Anthropology Now, UCL MAL presents a special version of The Others formatted for desktop viewing. In December 2018, UCL MAL presented the film in a special session titled "Hyperreality and Anthropology" as part of its seminar series.

Dipping in and out of bombastic political commemorations and the elusive remains of multiculturalism, the film both observes the construct of a national Polish identity while simultaneously constructing itself.

In her fieldwork, Lachowicz studied various hierarchies and interdependencies existing within the act of narrating the Polish nation: language, Latinisation, colonial processes, literature, cultural translation, as well as physical geography. The Others attempts to both document and complicate these processes by taking footage shot in Poland and expanding or displacing it across three screens. Subtitles linger, screens switch on and off, and visuals change and move, as the three screen constructions works toward a self-reflexive documentary that critically positions itself in the interplay between the production and representation of fact and fiction.

katya lachowicz


Lachowicz is a visual artist / translator / filmmaker who works with themes such as the politics of representation and the interplay between fact and fiction. As well as holding a MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from UCL, Lachowicz received an MA in Media Arts from Academy of Visual Arts, HGB, Leipzig in 2013. In the past, Lachowicz’s work has been shown at Rewiry Centre for Culture, Lublin, Poland; SEIF 2015, Zagreb, Croatia; the Ethnographic Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria; Space Duplex, Geneva, Switzerland; and Universal Cube, Baumwollespinneri Gallery, Leipzig, Germany.

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