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For Multimedia Anthropology Now, UCL MAL presents stills from the Lido, in addition to a short segment from the 40-minute film.


Stills and digital video clip from ethnographic documentary.

Music: Anselmo Netto

Mentor: Sophie Fiennes

Lido is a sensory moving portrait located at the Parliament Hill Lido on Hampstead Heath in London. It celebrates the art deco architecture of a much-loved public space. The film, which began as an ethnographic project, was originally directed, shot and edited by Angela Elvira Bruce for her Masters graduation film at UCL, but has evolved into a new shape since then. Bruce was mentored through the process of creating Lido by acclaimed filmmaker Sophie Fiennes. Their intention was to make a film in memory of lifeguard Glynn Roberts, who worked at the Lido for 25 years and passed away just before Bruce began filming.





Angela Elvira Bruce (UCL, MA Ethnography & Documentary) began her career in filmmaking at the BBC and, after working on various productions for eight years, left to undertake a Masters at UCL and develop her own voice as a moving image artist. She recently won an award for one of her short films at Hackney Shorts Fest and is now the Senior Global Video Producer for Time Out. Angela looks forward to showcasing Lido at future festivals, galleries and unusual spaces.



Instagram: @angelaebruce

Twitter: @AngelaElviraB

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Lido spans four seasons, each of which lasts approximately 8 minutes and work as stand-alone pieces (as part of a multi-screen installation) or together as part of a 32 minute linear film showcasing the space and swimmers throughout the year. Lido appears in its final form as an observational, atmospheric and textured piece with considered framing which mirrors the rectangular shape of the building. The work creates space to reflect on the relationship between water, Nature and the human-constructed brick and metal materiality of the Lido as well as the bodies that pass through its space.

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