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Content warning: These works cover topics including extreme violence, self-harm, suicide, rape and drug use. Please view with discretion.

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Let's Talk About Men (2017)

Series of digitised collages.

As an intern at Refugee Law Project in Uganda, Maria João Tralhão Dolan worked with male victims of conflict-related sexual violence, whose traumatic experiences are little acknowledged locally or internationally.

Her aim with this project was to create work that raises awareness of the issue by exploring the difficulties of victimization. She interviewed victims, activists, human rights practitioners and academics and developed imagery by digitally manipulating drawings, paintings and quotes which culminated in these vibrant African wax print-inspired patterns.

The harrowing content matter of the work is not immediately discernible, either close-up or at a distance, reflecting the lack of collective consciousness surrounding conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys. Additionally, Tralhão Dolan's choice to represent the objects which evoke the trauma of her subjects endured can be seen as object-oriented examination of the material reality of their experiences.

Works from this project have been exhibited in Kampala, and at the 3rd South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Christchurch New Zealand

Maria João Tralhão Dolan

Maria João Tralhão Dolan is an Anthropology student at LSE. She values art as a potent media for activism and awareness raising. Her work aims to stimulate audiences to engage with complex themes, and to reconceptualize engrained perceptions through accessible media. Tralhão Dolan explores disability, transitional justice, formative traumatic events and SGBV. Her art work has been exhibited in the UK, Uganda and New Zealand, and published in LSE student-led journal 68, and LSE Claremarket Review. Most recently, Tralhão Dolan co-curated the exhibition 'In memory of Naomi Hersi: the impalpable lives of queer, trans and intersex people of colour' in association with LSE Arts.


Instagram: @mariajoao___

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