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Nowhere (2018)​

360 virtual reality film made for display using a VR headset

Directed by Carolina Marconi  

​Produced by Maya Hope Chaldecott,

Rosie Huang (Sound) & Jiawei Hui (VFX)

Special thanks to Darren Emerson, Aga, Oliver and Médecins Sans Frontières

Nowhere was made as part of the Immersive Factual Storytelling (VR/AR) MA at Open City Docs School. Chaldecott produced the film for director Carolina Marconi whilst undertaking fieldwork for her MSc dissertation: 'Modern ritual-making with VR documentary filmmaking students'.

For Multimedia Anthropology Now, UCL MAL presents a selection of panoramic still images from Nowhere, followed by a clip of the 360 VR film specially formatted for desktop viewing.


​These visuals were created by making a one meter by one meter silicone womb, placing a 360 camera inside, then changing the lighting with makeshift equipment. The audio playing over the video is a re-construction of a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) transcript from a rescue in the Mediterranean. 


​Using the womb as a universal threshold, the film hopes to put into new practice Victor Turner's ritual theory: that experiencing liminality can make a person reflect on social hierarchy, whilst inducing a sense of communitas.

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Maya Hope Chaldecott


In addition to serving as an active a member of UCL MAL, Chaldecott (UCL, MSc Digital Anthropology) works as a research consultant in immersive technology, and in UX design. During her graduate training, Chaldecott developed her making-and-research VR practice. Her next project—as part of studio Virtual Worlds—is an immersive installation that combines neonatology with wearable technology and VR.

Instagram: @maya__hope



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