MAL Team

co-founder + director | RAFFAELLA FRYER-MOREIRA

PhD Candidate, Social Anthropology, UCL

Raffaella Fryer-Moreira is a British-Brazilian anthropologist based between London and Rio. She is currently completing a PhD at UCL, where her ethnographic research explores Guarani Kaiowá experiences of climate change, and contemplates amerindian futurisms. In 2017 Raffaella co-founded the UCL Multimedia Anthropology Lab, and is currently experimenting with film, projections, VR/360 video, and spatial audio in an effort to develop innovate methods for conducting and presenting anthropological research.

co-founder | CHARLES BEACH

PhD Candidate, Social Anthropology, UCL

Charles Beach is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at University College London. His research is based on the grass roots political organisation of petrol smugglers in the Colombian/Venezuelan borderlands and the city of Cúcuta (Colombia) where he currently resides. He is embarking on a project to experiment with a 360 camera as a fieldwork tool but also always tries to have a 35mm stills camera with him at all times.


co-founder | JOSEPH COOK

PhD Candidate, Digital Anthropology, UCL


Joseph Cook is a PhD researcher in Digital Anthropology at UCL. His research focuses on the quantification of the individual in the contemporary corporate workplace; the measurement of attributes such as creativity and innovation; and the ways in which new digital technologies are influencing architectural design and practice. His current fieldwork is with the engineering giant AECOM, at their offices in East London and New York.​

Get involved

If you would like to get involved with MAL and apply to become an affiliate, please send a short email with your name, profile photo and description of your current work or what you would like to work on in the future (200 words) to

We welcome affiliates from all backgrounds, whether you are a UCL student, an anthropologist from another university, a student/academic from a related discipline, or a practitioner within the realm of material/visual culture.



MSc Digital Anthropology, UCL


Wade Wallerstein (MSc Digital Anthropology, UCL) is a digital anthropologist and curator based in California’s Silicon Valley. His research centers around communication in virtual spaces and the relationship between digital visual culture and contemporary art. Recently, Wallerstein conducted research with fine art curators who use the internet as an exhibition platform to both circumvent and challenge established institutional hierarchies. In addition to Multimedia Anthropology Now for UCL MAL, Wallerstein has curated exhibitions for Off Site Project, isthisit? Gallery, and Post.Vision

producer + artist | MAYA HOPE CHALDECOTT

MSc Digital Anthropology, UCL


In addition to serving as an active a member of UCL MAL, Chaldecott (UCL, MSc Digital Anthropology) works as a research consultant in immersive technology, and in UX. Before going digital Chaldecott read History of Art (BA) at Cambridge, specialising in Italian art. During her postgraduate training in Digital Anthropology at UCL, Chaldecott developed her making-and-research VR practice. Her next project—as part of Virtual Worlds Studio—is an immersive installation that combines neonatology with wearable technology and VR. 

project - co-ordinator | CHARLOTTE KLEIN

MSc Material/Visual Culture, UCL

Charlotte Klein is an anthropologist working in arts management. Klein believes in art’s power to shape social reality and seeks to foster possibilities for different art forms in the public sphere. Other ethnographic research interests centre around activism, migration and border studies across Europe as well as the anthropology of food. She contributed to the immersive exhibition Multimedia Anthropology Now at UCL with research “En Route”, exploring the experience of a bus journey across Europe through photography. 

curator + artist | SOPHIE MEI BIRKIN

MA Sculpture, Slade School Fine Art , UCL


Sophie Mei Birkin is a London based artist and researcher. Birkin is currently Euan Uglow Scholar at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL where she is undertaking a MA in sculpture and art theory. She has a multimedia practice, which references horror and science-fiction with a particular focus on psychophysical response to material. Recent shows include Speculative Immersion at Festival of Culture, London, Multimedia Anthropology Now at UCL, London, Shelter at The Take Courage Gallery, London and Inkwell at The Heong Gallery, Cambridge.


MA Design Interactions, Royal College of Art

Deborah Tchoudjinoff is a London based French-Mongolian artist intrigued by human-landscape entanglements; specifically, how the term Anthropocene might be understood outside the scientific community. Her practice uses sculpture and emerging technologies (AR,VR) to create experiential and immersive installations that consider alternative narratives. She has exhibited at Greengrassi as part of Five Heads (Tavan Tolgoi) Art, Anthropology and Mongolian Futurism, at Space Studios for LCN Showcase, and was a design resident at LCF's Arcade East in 2018.

curator + artist | HERMIONE SPRIGGS 

PhD Candidate, UCL Anthropology & Slade School of Fine Art

Hermione Spriggs is an artist, researcher and exhibition-maker exploring practical methods for perspective-exchange. Her collaborative project the Anthropology of Other Animals (“AoOA”) doggedly attempts to elicit extraordinary effects from unpromising materials and explores the hidden links between “craft” and “being crafty.” Originally from Yorkshire, Spriggs holds an MFA in visual art from UC San Diego and is a fellow of Mildred’s Lane (PA, USA). She is currently undertaking practice-based PhD research at UCL and is curator and contributing editor for the exhibition and publication project "Five Heads: Art, Anthropology and Mongol Futurism" 

curator + artist | PAULA TURMINA

MA Fine Art Painting, Slade School of Fine Art UCL

Turmina is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist whose work explores mythology and magic realism in order to imagine new perspectives of the future. Her paintings, analog films, and sculptures explore expansive imaginary visuals drawn from her personal experience, ecological issues, and Latin American colonial history. Paula co-founded 'Plantaphilia', an ongoing film project that examines plant ontologies. She was an artist in residence at Winsor & Newton in collaboration with The Fine Art Collective. 

immersive audio designer | AXEL DRIOLI 

Immersive Audio Designer, Spatial Audio Labs

Axel is an Immersive Audio designer and producer, founder of Spatial Audio Labs. He works on international 360, VR and immersive installation projects, travelling all around the world, wherever cutting-edge 3D sound is needed. One of the 360 films he provided full immersive audio design and production for, 'The Journey 360' and funded by UNICEF, won the 2018 Cine Golden Eagle Award for 'Best VR documentary short' and it has been screened at SXSW, Seattle Film Festival, Sheffield Doc Fest, United Nations HQ (Bonn, Germany), Downing Street and Future of Storytelling Summit (NY, USA). 

project co-ordinator | CEMIL HAMZAOGLU

MSc Digital Anthropology, UCL


Hamzaoğlu (MSc Digital Anthropology, UCL) is an anthropologist, musician and active member of UCL MAL. In the past Hamzaoğlu has produced scholarly works that explore the materiality of sound, performance, identity and the transformative effect of digital technologies on creative landscapes in sound production. Most recently, Hamzaoglu embarked on ethnographic research amongst the busking and independent sound artist community in London.

affiliate | CAMILLA FRENCH

MA Social & Cultural Anthropology, UCL

Camilla French is a British Chinese documentary filmmaker and anthropologist based between the UK and Colombia.  She is about to embark on her field research in the Colombian Amazon, looking at how the local myth of the pink river dolphin, the Yakuruna, has taken on its own social life in the local town and is affecting people's understanding of ecology and mythology. Camilla is interested in experimental storytelling and working with various formats including projections and video installations, interactive web docs, VR and AR.

digital communications manager | MARLOWE MCCAFFREY

BSc Anthropology, UCL

Marlowe McCaffrey is a BSc Anthropology student at UCL. His interest areas centre around the anthropology of music, particularly the production and consumption of steel pan music in London, such as the creation of vibe and other musical performance and technique etiquettes of the pannists. At UCL MAL he hopes to explore how perceptions of what music is, and can be, are being revolutionised through contemporary technology.

photographer and film maker | ED SHAUKZ

Department of Audio Visual Production, FMU São Paulo

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